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I want to change my personality for a better me and for a guy. How??

I am smart and get good grades. I am not one of those girls that freaks out if I get a B or lower. I am pretty or atleast my mom says so. I am nice to everyone even if I hate them. I do own clothes with designer labels. I am really shy I barely talk in any of my classes and in my report card I always get '; Samantha is shy';... I lack self confidence, I am one of the youngest girls in my grade. I am still 13th. When a guy talks to me it is always about homework. I haven't kissed a guy, gone out on a date or had a boyfriend. I like a guy who has known me since I was born, he is a family friend and I want to get my first kiss from him. Help me change..I want to change my personality for a better me and for a guy. How??
thats not changing your personality - thats just being more confident.

you should NEVER change your personality.

gaining confidence is tough to give advice on though. Its mostly in yourself. You have to make yourself talk - what do you have to lose? Think of it this way, your smart, your attractive, you know what your talking about. People would love to hear you! get out there and be confident.

sorry i cant help more, but being more confident is ALL IN YOURSELF. If you are shy to talk to guys, try getting a friend to ';match'; you and a guy they know that you like. It makes it a little easier. Talk about past experiences you have in common or things you know hes interested in

you have to just GO FOR IT. Be hard on yourself. Open up to friends, confide in them, get them to help you out.

If you are happy and confident, and you smile and say hi to him, he will def. get a good impression.

good luck!!I want to change my personality for a better me and for a guy. How??
work on it is all you can do ,only you can change you.
My suggestion is one im sure you'll hear manny times, Never change your self just for a relationship or a guy. Now if you really want to change something, Shyness can kill sometimes. I used to be really shy and i still am, but im wanting to be more out going. You should be more talkitive to him and, maybe tell him how you feel about him. :-)
sounds like your too worried about being perfect. im 14 and ive gone out with 10 guys and kissed 20 somethin like that. i used to be excactly like you but then i stopped worrying about what i wear or act. i now just wear jeans and a teeshirt no preppyness. i laugh obnoxiously, smile more, and burp in public. basically just let loose and forget about what people think. but along with my shy image went my grades. maybe you should find a balance between us but im alot happier now.
it sounds like you are a wonderful person so don't change too much about yourself. all you have to do is build some self confidence. sit down and figure out all of the good things about yourself. once you are confident...he will see the new you and fall in love with it.
I don't think you need to worry about the fact that you haven't been kissed yet, but I might be able to help with the other part. I finally decided that I need to be more confident, and the only thing I've found that works is just doing whatever you are nervous about, no matter what. It might take you a while to do it (IMing him or something, for example), but just ignore the part of your brain that is telling you not to. Try not to think or analyze every single thing you do...just go for it. It's worked for me so far.
Don't change, if you do then the relationship you are changing for will fail. You should always be yourself. You're still young, you have plenty of time. Don't rush into relationships.
Changing your personality is probably one of the hardest things to do. Most people do it by ';acting'; the way they want to be, and repressing the way they really are. If you keep it up long enough, the new personality will many times ';take';.

The thing is, hon, if you are still 13, some of what you are feeling is driven by hormones that you have little or no control over; hormones drive you through most of adolescence. 13 is a little young to be worried about not having been kissed, gone out, or had a boyfriend. This stuff will happen when the time is right, so don't rush it.

If this guy you so want your first kiss from is a family friend, then find a movie that you both want to see and ask him if he would like to go with you (or a group). Sit next to him, hold his hand if you want, give him a hug afterward, and see how he reacts. If he pulls away, back off; he isn't ready. But if it seems you are hitting it off, then maybe the two of you can do something else, even if it's just hanging out. A second date is a pretty good time for a kiss. Again, see how he reacts. He may just want to keep things the way they are. But you have your whole life ahead of you. Just be patient; this stuff will seem pretty natural when the time comes.

How do you change your personality?

We squeal to much over a boy, and then we can't stop laughing when we see some random person. We laugh over maggots and i dont know why.... WE NEED HELP so our guy doesnt think we are stupid.....How do you change your personality?
We? There is another person doing this with you? You ';both'; need calm down in a way. Just tell ';yourselves'; that it isn't funny or picture something that is dreadful to end the laughter...How do you change your personality?
Ok itz just a guy... Just tell yourselves that
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  • About split personality?

    ok so i met a guy about 3 yrs ago online and we've been talking every single day almost and we've gained very strong feelings for one another he lives 2000 miles from me and he wants to be with me one day since then and hes gotten jealous over silly things and angry about silly things but moving on with the story so one day he had gotten real upset with me and then he just got offline then the next day he told me that he needed to tell me something so i asked him what it was and he said that hes bi polar he had received it from his father bc his father also has it so little while went by and sometimes he would get upset about some things and then he wouldn't respond to me for a very long time and then he finally gets back on about 15 mins later and he changed personalities this personality is very mean and very outspoken and then i would get so upset from him being mean i would just get off til the next day and then he would finally get on and he would tell me that he blacked out and didn't remember anything from that night this has happened a lot so he was getting tired of that happening and me having to basically deal with the other him being rude and him having to deal with that kind of life style he was wanting a real life so then a while after that he had went to the doctors about it and then he got diagnosed with split personality so he tried different meds and they did not work some of them made him worse and hes tried so many then his doctor told him another option of maybe being hypnotized into the ';other'; him was not in existence i told him it didn't sound good bc he could get memory loss or brain damage or maybe even worse so i didn't want him to do that for a very long time now so he went with another doctor and talk to them about it he didnt want to deal with that anymore he had gotten so upset about how his life was so he decided to go ahead and do the procedure and so i didn't talk to him for like a week and i figured that something had went wrong and then he finally got online and he started talking to me like he was when we first started talking 3 years ago it was very strange and i asked him if he had any memory of me and he said no not at all it hurt my feelings a lot so i couldn't take it anymore so i stopped talking to him for a little while and then i got on like a week later i saw that he had left me a message that he got his memory back but he has really bad headaches all the time constantly and he said that he thinks he got his memory back from tripping and falling and hitting his head and he woke up with all memory back which is kinda strange to me but since then we've been talking for about 3 or 4 weeks now and he hasn't had any episodes yet and he said that he went to his doctor and told her about it and she said that she couldn't believe that happened and she was really shocked so what i'm asking about this is, is this possible at all?About split personality?

    Three years is a long time to invest yourself in a relationship that is going nowhere. This guy is playing games with you. Get off the computer and go out and meet some real men person to person. Life is so short. Move on.About split personality?
    my friend says there was a girl with 13 split personalities. each of them have different memories with different characteristics. and there was one with the wildest characteristic, the 13th. but this story I dunno if it's true. and she said there was a boy with... um, I guess 7 splitting characteristics, and this one looks like it's true. so maybe the problem with that boy maybe true that he has something wrong with his brain, maybe he had a mutation in his brain cell, or maybe he's just lying to you to make you freaked out. but if you're stressed out of this and you freaked out a lot you can say to him whatever you think and you feel about him and his mutation in characteristic and if you want a splendid friendship, just go out and find some friends, true human. you can count on them!

    Can I change my personality for the better?

    I dont really have the looks to attract girls. I'm not sure if I have the personality. Can I get it if I dont have it?

    Can I change myself into what girls want so that they will like me? How?Can I change my personality for the better?
    The thing that you have to realize is that there is no set personality that girls like. Be happy with how you are and own up to it, girls will notice that. However you act if you are outgoing or shy there is going to be a girl out there for you. Do not change, your uniqueness will make you attractive, be confident in who you are and let them know that. Good Luck!Can I change my personality for the better?
    Never change for anyone other than yourself.
    Be Confident, not Cocky though.

    Be Funny
    just try to stay aware and change be more out there and they will notice
    You need counseling to do that, only YOU can change if you really want to so good luck!
    Never change yourself for someone else, it's not worth it.

    One day you will find someone that will love you for you!

    Plus, if you change your personality, you'll always feel fake.
    Sure but it's not going to happen over night. But hold on girls always like guys that are themselves! A girl should like you for you whether you have the looks, body, or personality... but yeah change into whatever you want.
    If you want change bad enough you can change, but only if you want it for yourself. I think personality changes over time through our interactions with the world around us and the people we meet along the way because we constantly validate things to determine what is best.
    If you change yourself too something you think someone else wants you to be, you are no longer you.
    Everybody is a unique person, and that's how we are born, we don't ask to be beautiful or this and that. In my opinion, be yourself! Look at yourself in the mirror everyday and say: ';hey! God loves me! He wanted me to exist!'; Look is not important, it is for some empty headed girl, but girls like men who make them laugh. Do you have this quality? That's what you should worry about, not your looks:-))
    well, actually, it does not depends on your looks but your behaviour and manners. if you really want to attract any girl, there are to ways to do it:

    1) simply ignore her- perform this trick only if the girl knows you very well. when she asks ';what is the matter with you?';,

    tell her some of your personal problems. she will come close to you.

    2) if you r meeting the girl for the first time, do not be shy to go and talk to her. greet her and ask her name only. do not try to use abusive language or try to act oversmart. girls hate that.
    You cannot change your core personality, but you can definitely improve your social skills, if that is what you are asking.

    Everyone is born with poor social skills, but some people learn how to relate well to others, while others do not. If you go to an internet dating site, you will notice that many women will come right out and say IN WRITING that they do not want to date anyone who is socially awkward. Poor social skills not only hurt your chances with women, but also hinder you when you go for that all important job interview after college. Being socially awkward will hinder you when you are asking for a raise, when you are dealing with conflict at work, or when you are applying for a managerial position.

    Being shy and socially awkward has the potential to hold you back in every area of your life, so it works in your best interest to do something about it.

    It is an unfortunate catch-22 that lacking self-confidence and feeling self-conscious in social settings tends to make you act socially awkward, which makes people react in a negative way around you, which makes your self-confidence sink even lower, which leads to more social awkwardness, and so on.

    There are psychological exercises that you can do to overcome your shyness and your lack of self-confidence. I recommend that you go to the self help section of the local library and find some books on the subject. David DeAngelo has some pretty good confidence building exercise on his “Advanced Series” on approaching women %26amp; dating at doubleyourdating dot com, but it is an expensive program. I would recommend that you start small -- like try reading “Get Anyone to Do Anything: Never Feel Powerless Again -- With Psychological Secrets to Control and Influence Every Situation” (Paperback) by Dr. David J. Lieberman.

    By the way, people say that you should “be yourself” and that you should never change for anyone but yourself. This is true to a point. If you are doing something irritating, socially unacceptable, really boring, or just plan wrong, then you need to fix that part of your personality (or at least change how you present yourself). On the other hand, people are turned off by someone who seems “fake”, so while in the process of changing yourself for the better, make sure that you do not say or do anything that feels dishonest, or not true to yourself. I know that sounds contradictory, but I think that you will get it eventually.

    I need tips on how to deal with GF that has Borderline Personality Disorder?

    We've been together for over 2 years. I love her and I know she loves me. UNTIL...... Her Personality changes, and she hates me. Says mean, hurful things. We are going to get into therapy, but I would like some pointers on how to deal with the bad side.

    Is such a totally different person. It's like she don't even know me. Then it goes away and she's an angel again.I need tips on how to deal with GF that has Borderline Personality Disorder?
    When she goes hysterical and raging on you, don't react or try to reason with her. She can't hear it. Tell her, ';I am not able to face this anger which I realize isn't even about me. I have to leave the room for a SHORT TIME so I can feel safe. I still love you but we both need to be in different rooms right now.'; Of course, she'll go ballistic due to abandonment issues, but that's not your problem. You have a right to not be abused and BPD is no excuse for abuse. It would help if she had a therapist to call at these times.I need tips on how to deal with GF that has Borderline Personality Disorder?
    thats intense.

    uve bee dating for 2 years. do u think u shudve asked sooner.

    i think u can just stay out of her way
    Get another girl friend.

    How can i change my personality???? HELP PLEASE!?

    Help! I really think im a boring person! i also feel like others think that thiers nothing specail about me. How can i change that? I want to be a fun person tht no one will ever forget? HELP PLEASEEEEEE!!!!!!How can i change my personality???? HELP PLEASE!?
    That's a quest of a lifetime :)

    Start by believing that you don't have to prove anything to those who say you're boring. Your sense of worth is what you define it to be.

    How do I change my personality to get along with people better?

    magnetic personality,don't fit in,loser,can't build relationships,can't hold job,How do I change my personality to get along with people better?
    first realize yourself. you are human, you dont want to suffer. if others are human they probably dont want to suffer either. how can you help them suffer less? to be appreciated by people for being a person is the beautiful part of life.How do I change my personality to get along with people better?
    try counseling
    Learn to be a really good listener.
    Look at the city you live in, or if you are in school, there maybe some counseling they offer for free, or reduced price.

    Maybe even look at Dr. Phil. (books or websites) I know it is corny, but he seems to have some decent advice. I put some links to his personality test too.

    Good luck.

    Writing some times helps too.
    Warehouseoutsourcing (it麓s that a nickname? mamma m铆a!

    Can I call you ';Ware';?)

    You cannot change your personality but... you can work on it with the help of a psychologist or a social-counsellor.

    I wish you the best.

    Regards from Argentina